Day 2 – Wednesday, February 27, 2019


Foundations: Failures and Successes
Bill McAnally, McAnally Consulting

There are so many methods of installing foundations under new homes that it boggles the mind. In this session we will cover the process of proper selection and installation of residential foundation systems. We will focus on our failures and what we learned from them, as well as successes, so we can provide a safe, durable, and healthy home.

Achieving Superior Energy Efficiency in Commercial and Multi-Family Buildings through Passive House
Chloe Bendistis, The Sheward Partnership, LLC

Learn about performance glazing and building envelope optimization through descriptions of Low E coating, the Low E coatings manufacturing processes, and the benefits of Low E coatings.

Performance Glazing and Building Envelope Optimization
Ken Modeen, Marvin Windows and Doors

The manufactured home market offers an affordable housing option. Residents of manufactured homes tend to be low income in comparison to other single family home residents; energy costs may comprise a larger portion of monthly expenses. Our study takes a closer look at the existing stock of a Midwestern state’s manufactured homes to identify energy-saving potential and help inform energy efficiency programs that will save residents money. We conducted telephone surveys and visited 100 homes to perform a detailed audit including duct leakage testing and interviews. This session will share results, provide recommendations for utility programs, and offer insight into potential energy efficiency savings.

Healthy Housing: Building and Remodeling for Wellness and Efficiency
Jodi Slick, Ecolibrium3

Buildings affect the health and safety of their occupants. Contractors are key players in communicating and applying energy efficiency, air quality, and healthy housing knowledge for the benefit of their clients. This session will provide a healthy housing framework that can be applied when building or remodeling homes. Participants will learn about opportunities to improve home performance and reduce potential acute and chronic housing hazards faced by residents of all ages and understand where they can provide value added resources.