Day 2 – Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Houses That Work

Practical Methods of Conducting Lead-Safe Remodeling, Repair and Painting Activities
Bob Rogalla, Lake States Environmental, Ltd.

The Minnesota Department of Health is actively developing new rules that will affect contractors that are involved with renovating buildings constructed before 1978. Also, many contractors may still be developing their proficiency in their compliance methods since special considerations are only required in structures built prior to 1978. Many contractors have not had an opportunity to explore or develop strategies that are efficient both in time and equipment, and materials to conduct their project in a lead-safe manner.

Advanced Houses That Work—Part 1: Advanced Building Science
Gord Cooken, EEBA

This segment will cover the physics and building science of the latest IECC and beyond. Participants will gain an understanding of the compelling code changes and the cost-effective methods of reaching it without compromising durability and safety.

Advanced Houses That Work - Part 2: Foundations and Windows
Gord Cooken, EEBA

This session will address how both foundations and windows have changed and how these two areas are important when trying to optimize performance and cost. A look at where technology is headed for windows and basements with respect to advanced comfort and moisture control will be discussed.

Advanced Houses That Work - Part 3: Walls and Roofs
Gord Cooken, EEBA

This segment will provide an understanding of how future codes are trending towards a total thermal effectiveness of wall and attic assemblies, including the role and options for exterior insulation.

Advanced Houses That Work - Part 3: Walls and Roofs
Gord Cooken, EEBA

This segment will outline the 3 major technologies that can be used to meet the heating, cooling and ventilation comfort expectations of homebuyers in high performance homes. The session will also identify high efficiency hot water heating technologies that are now available to the industry.