Day 1 – Tuesday, February 26, 2019


Ventilation: Best Practices for Tight Houses in Cold Climates
Patrick Huelman, University of Minnesota
Harborside 304

The formula is very simple: high-performance (comfortable, efficient, durable, resilient, and healthy) homes are all about air management. First, the building enclosure must be airtight to control the unwanted movement of energy, moisture, and pollutants. Second, you must have a thoughtfully designed and properly installed mechanical system to take care of the air inside the home. This session focuses on the second part of the formula, including how much, when, and where you need to circulate, condition, filter, replace, and make up the air in your homes. A heavy emphasis will be placed on best practices for very airtight buildings.

Whole House, Balanced Ventilation: Providing Healthy, Comfortable and Energy Efficient Solutions
John Rockwell, Zehnder America
Harborside 304

As building codes require more airtight building envelopes, balanced ventilation with heat recovery and thoughtful solutions to its seamless integration in our buildings become a priority. HRV/ERVs not only take the place of bathroom exhaust fans, they also provide fresh, filtered air to bedrooms and living spaces, promoting better sleep, better cognitive functioning and better IAQ. The higher their efficiency, the less your heating and cooling systems must work to maintain comfort. Architect and passionate building science nerd John Rockwell will de-mystify how HRVs and ERVs work, and how they are an essential component of any high performance building.

Designing with Heat Pumps in Cold Climates
Bruce Harley, Bruce Harley Energy Consulting
Harborside 304

For decades people have been hesitant to trust air-source heat pumps in cold climates, based on lessons learned from 1980s technology and dismal installation practices. With a current focus on low-load homes/buildings and increasing interest in strategic electrification to meet carbon reduction goals, heat pumps can be a powerful tool that delivers in both categories. This half-day session will focus on design and application of cold climate heat pumps to maximize comfort, efficiency and value to the customer and the environment, focusing both on proactive approaches and pitfalls to avoid. Bring your questions and experiences.