Day 1 – Tuesday, February 26, 2019

High Performance


What is Green Building? (And why should I care?)
Rachel Wagner, Through Design

“Natural,” “Eco-friendly,” “Environmentally sustainable,” “Green.” What do these terms have in common? Do any of these terms actually define a way to build better? This session looks at the concept of “green building,” past and present, and offers some perspective on what might truly constitute green building and why it matters. Critical thinking figures prominently in this introduction to the theory and practice of ecological design and building practice in the residential sector.


Zero Energy Ready Home: Are You On Board? Why or Why Not?
Brian Wimmer, Rochester Area Habitat for Humanity

By now you've likely heard of the DOE's Zero Energy Ready Home building standard. Have you considered building to meet the standard? Have you looked at the dollars and cents of making it work? Do your customers understand what it means and what it costs, and how they will save money? What do you see as the advantages, as a builder? The roadblocks?


Resilient Adaptation of Sustainable Buildings
Liz Kutschke, University of Minnesota - Center For Sustainable Building Research

There is an emerging need for research into the design and construction of communities and buildings that are not only sustainable, but also resilient in responding to dynamic situations. To test the resilience potential of buildings, this research project examined the response of sustainable building prototypes during infrastructure disruptions that disconnected the buildings from grid power, water connections, and vehicle transport for ten days. The outcomes explore the intersections of resilient and sustainable development through regenerative design. This study also identifies future research opportunities to incorporate resilience into sustainability and energy efficiency guidelines, such as Minnesota’s sustainable building program.