Day 2 – Wednesday, February 27, 2019


State of MN Energy Code HVAC Review-Findings from the Field
Mike Wilson, Dakota Supply Group
Harborside 304

This session will discuss how the energy codes affect overall design, installation and operation of equipment. Findings on HVAC, comfort, and moisture service calls will be explored. This is geared more toward builders, but would be great for both HVAC and inspection groups.

Residential Energy Code Mechanical Provisions
Donald Sivigny, State of MN Dept. of Labor & Industry
Harborside 304

This session will provide a plan review of a residential building and how to meet the mechanical provisions of a home in Minnesota. This seminar will provide cost savings information on mechanical systems for the builder's initial costs, and long-term cost savings for homeowners. It will include things such as heat loss, make-up air, equipment sizing, combustion air, ventilation requirements, as well as provisions for service water heating piping insulation, and electrical lighting requirements. A great class to get hands-on experience on mechanical provisions of the energy codes.

Energy Code Compliance and Update
Ben Rabe, Fresh Energy
Harborside 304

This session will start out with an explanation of what the MN Energy Code Compliance Collaborative has accomplished over the last four years. The collaborative is composed of builders, contractors, code officials, state agencies, energy raters and companies, and energy advocates. To fulfill its mission statement, the collaborative has formed subcommittees dedicated to addressing specific issues related to energy code compliance. Next, it will cover the ongoing energy code update process led by the Department of Labor and Industry.

Q&A with the Experts
Tim Eian, TE Studio, Ltd.
Bill McAnally, McAnally Consulting
Doug Manthey, Conservation Technologies
Harborside 304

Join three experts in an opinionated exchange on the status quo, and where we need to take high-performance buildings to suit the needs of our changing climate. Participate in the conversation and make this session your own. No slides, just us talking about high-performance building in our market in the last 15 years—and the next!